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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions for people interested in playing for London Ringette.

Why play Ringette?

  • Ringette is a truly team game.  No one player can dominate a game because no player can carry the ring over a blue line.
  • An excellent sport to learn how to skate well.
  • Great team building sport, girls get to know each other well.
  • Lots of Fun
  • The game was designed with Girls as the primary athletes.

How do I tell my friends?

Go to the London Lynx Brochure page for a hand out to give your friends who may want to play.

What equipment do I need to play Ringette?
  • Ringette uses a different mask, a mask specifically for Ringette
  • Ringette equipment is similar to the other game played on ice (hockey)
  • The Ringette stick has a special team and is NOT a broken hockey stick,
  • All Ringette equipment is available at Herms Sports Exchange, WADA and Source for Sports – London

Where does London Ringette play?

  • London Ringette’s home arena is Carling Arena (Grosvenor & Elliot St.).  We play all our home games there on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  • We have practice ice at the Western Fair Sports Centre, Carling and Farquaharson (Tecumseh Ave)

How often are players on the ice?

  • We currently have each team on the ice at least two times per week.  Our teams have half ice practices during the week, and home games on Saturday 5:30 to 7:30 or Sunday 11:30 to 4:30
  • Our Learn to Skate/Bunny’s (7 yrs and under) have ice on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

How are teams Picked?

  • Registration takes place in August and early September. 
  • Some players may choose to try-out for competitive teams (Petite to Belle)
  • All Players are evaluated in September and assigned to teams based on their ability.
  • Our Regional Teams (house league) teams are set up to be as even as possible to allow for good competition all year round.

What teams do you play?

  • London plays in a conference with teams from Chatham, Tillsonburg, Forest, Exeter, Mitchell, Seaforth, Dorchester and St. Thomas depending on age group and team availability.  Not all teams have competitors from all of these communities.
  • The competitive London teams play in the Western Ontario Ringette League
  • The regional London teams (house league) play in a Western Regional Ringette League.

How can we contact London Ringette?
  • The mail address for London Ringette is:  515 Richmond St., PO Box 1055, London, ON  N6A 5K2
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